Premium Services, Inc.

Case Study 3 - Mechanical

A for-profit group of independent schools and other educational facilities began utilizing Premium Services, Inc. for the repair and maintenance of the HVAC equipment within their 8 buildings.  Initially servicing only one facility, the program began as a trial program to determine the viability of the partnership.  Within the first year, all 8 buildings were transitioned and under the guidance and HVAC management of Premium Services, Inc.  All other mechanical services transitioned soon thereafter.

Upon successful service and preventative maintenance of all mechanical systems for the duration of 5 years, the customer approached Premium Services, Inc. to conduct a systems analysis for all facilities with a recommendation for capital expenditures phased over a five year period.  Premium Services, Inc. addressed the inquiry as follows:

  • Detailed analysis of mechanical systems system wide
  • Obsolescence reporting on a facility basis
  • Proposed action plan prioritized on need and maximizing facility efficiency
  • Forecasted capital expenditures and balanced over the proposed five year action plan
  • Implemented a comprehensive yet cost effective preventative maintenance and controls support program
  • Coordinated and forecast available rebates and other savings to appropriately gauge long term savings
  • Transitioned all mechanical services to Premium Services, Inc. technology based platform

The customer elected to accept the program tailored specifically for their mechanical needs and realized the subsequent savings and accurate forecasting at the conclusion of the five year program.

Presently, Premium Services, Inc. not only enjoys the long standing relationship with this customer relating to mechanical services but has expanded the service offering to include multiple services.

Further, Premium Services, Inc. has been active and instrumental in the process of analyzing facilities and forecasting costs for this customer as they continue their growth initiative by securing new sites.