Premium Services, Inc.

Case Study 2 - Grounds

An industry leading information & technology company with five campus facility locations operates in the innovative vanguard of their business market. This customer, as viewed by both their customers and competitors, serves as a “benchmark” organization in their industry. Surprisingly, this visionary company continued to internally maintain and manage all grounds and maintenance staffs, equipment and supervisory personnel.

This company explored options to reduce costs on facility maintenance and transfer responsibility of more than a dozen employees allowing them to re-focus their energies on the company’s core business functions.

Outsourcing was an obvious solution to their problem but the company questioned how to best accomplish this without disrupting the positive workplace environment while mitigating any disruptions to employee morale so valued by the company.

Premium Services, Inc. worked closely with the customer suggesting numerous operational proposals allowing for various solutions to best serve the customer’s present and long-term needs. Our proposals were created placing emphasis not only on cost and service duties but also included employee friendly options which matched the customer’s existing benefits and retirement program plans.

Ultimately this customer opted to partner with Premium Services, Inc. over a field of both less and more costly bidders. The customer adopted our operational format allowing us to hire all existing landscaping and maintenance employees. Morale was maintained with all transitioned employees immediately able to access the Premium Services, Inc. health/dental/life insurance benefits and to further participate in our 401(k) retirement plan.

Benefits to the customer included but were not limited to the following:

  • New facility and grounds technologies and production plans implemented
  • Equipment, chemicals and procedures were standardized
  • New supervisory structures were implemented
  • Increased aesthetic value resulting from revised service platform
  • Customer achieved a “Win-Win” solution without compromising their valued and respected employee friendly work environment while capping costs and increasing the efficacy of their landscaping, snow removal and maintenance services

Based upon the success of this program, customer later elected to implement a similar program for all janitorial staff.