Premium Services, Inc.

Case Study 1 - Janitorial

Michigan, historically reliant on an automotive economic foundation, has experienced a large influx of foreign-national automotive related companies locating their North American headquarter(s) / R&D/Prototype and Technical Centers within the metro-Detroit area due to Detroit’s proximity to the “Big 3”, Oakland County’s “Automation Alley” and a significantly clustered density of manufacturing facilities within a 250 mile radius.

Plagued for years by a revolving door of substandard janitorial contractors, this company pursued a coordinated campaign to identify, recruit and secure the long-term services of a janitorial contractor capable of executing their duties in line with the customer’s stated expectations as established below:

  • Stable cleaning crew platforms typified by high employee retention rates
  • Responsive management staff(s) capable of functioning both in proactive and reactive fashions
  • Instantaneous communication channels
  • Compliance with program specific regulations
  • Ability to create and adhere to sustainable agendas
  • Operational flexibility to grow seamlessly and in step with customer growth patterns, both anticipated and unplanned
  • Ability to provide both consultative and operational services for various satellite offices, both existing and proposed.

Premium Services, Inc. developed a specific cleaning regimen meeting the above criteria and implemented a performance based – quality control program which constantly evolves to the critical, ever changing environment our customer realizes daily. Premium Services, Inc. provides stable cleaning crews, proactive managerial interaction with both customer contacts and our cleaners, flexible work force deployment all while maintaining a competitive, industry average service cost structure.

After implementing the above detailed janitorial service program, Premium Services, Inc. has increased our integrated facility services platform by assuming carpet cleaning, HVAC, window cleaning and hard floor surface care duties for this customer; thereby centralizing vendor procurement channels and further reducing aggregate cleaning related costs.

Presently, Premium Services, Inc. has successfully effected janitorial operations at several additional customer satellite locations within a multi-state operational area, expanding our partnership established years ago.